Teen Sues Baytown Police Officer After Severe Beating

Barbara Schwarz
October 25, 2018 - 6:23 am
Police Lights

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SOUTH TEXAS (1080 KRLD) - A 19-year-old has filed a lawsuit against Baytown Police officer Christopher Felder.  

Jeff Sprecher says he and a 17-year-old girl he was seeing were in a parked car last the night of October 15th when her mother arrived. Sprecher's attorney Sean Buckley says she blocked Jeff's car and yelled for the girl to get in to her car.  

Shortly afterwards, Felder, who was off-duty arrived.  

"Jeff locked his car doors, and the man grabbed the door handle and ripped the handle from the car." said Buckley.

He says Jeff rolled down his window, and Felder broke the driver's side window.  He then pulled Jeff out of the car.  "Where he choked him, obstructed his airway so he couldn't breathe, hit upside the face with his fist, knocking out a tooth, slammed his head into the pavement and turned him over and twisted his arm behind his back." He says an on duty officer then arrived and got the situation under control.

He says Sprecher has a broken tooth and some bruises and muscle pain, but the psychological pain is the most significant. 

"He's very upset and very traumatized.  He thought he was going to die and his death would never be punished because the person who doing it was a member of law enforcement" said Buckley

He says the suit is not against the city of Baytown, it's only against Felder and his wife. And Buckley cannot yet say how much they are asking for. 

Felder is on paid leave pending one criminal and one administrative investigation. 

In a statement, Baytown police say they take "very seriously" allegations of officer misconduct.

The statement reads "The trust and confidence of our community is paramount and as such we hold our officers to the highest levels of integrity as well as moral, ethical and professional standards."