Texas Congressman Castro Asks Senate To Terminate Trump's Border Emergency Declaration

Chris Fox
March 14, 2019 - 10:15 am

AP Photo/ Evan Vucc


AUSTIN (KRLD) - On a media conference call Wednesday with fellow Democratic members of the Texas delegation of the US House, San Antonio Congressman Joaquin Castro made his case why the Senate needs to vote on Thursday for his resolution blocking President Trump’s border emergency declaration.

“We’re asking the Senate to take a stand for the Constitution and also to prevent what would be, I believe the largest Federal land-taking of Texas land in history.”

Castro’s referring to the Texas land needed to build a US/Mexico border wall.

Castro also reached out specifically to the State’s two Senators asking for their support.

“I hope that Senators Cornyn and Cruz, but also the other United States senators will stand up for the constitution and stand up for Texas when they vote on HJ-Res 46 (House Joint Resolution 46).”

Texas Congressman Vicente Gonzalez’s district (15) also reaches the US/Mexico border. He made the argument that there is no need for the President to declare a national emergency on the border.

“If you look at FBI statistics you’ll see that McAllen and the Rio Grande Valley and every community along the border are among the safest in the country. El Paso, another border community is the safest large city in the country.”

Rio Grande Valley Representative Henry Cuellar said he supports using technology and boots on the ground instead of building a border wall.

“We want to secure the border but we want to do it in an effective way and not go back to a 14th-century solution called the wall…that the President thinks that that’s the only way.”