Texas Considering Digital Driver License Pilot Program

Chris Fox
April 11, 2019 - 9:41 am
Smartphone Use In Car

Credit: Zephyr18/Getty Images


AUSTIN (1080 KRLD) - State Senator Jose Menendez of San Antonio laid out legislation to study whether the Texas Department of Public Safety should give the digital driver license program a test drive.

Testifying before the State House Licensing & Administrative Procedures Committee, Menendez spoke of benefit to Texans. “I have my Geico app and my driver’s license and my insurance is on here and so it’s easy to show. It’s convenient when you have to go to the dealership or do whatever they ask you for your ID, you can have it right here. You don’t have to be looking for it in your glove compartment.”

Menendez also cited that 8 states currently have pilot programs and Louisiana has already adopted the practice.

There is opposition to the bill.

Terri Hall from the non-profit anti-toll group Texas Turf told lawmakers she was fearful of security concerns. “We just feel like it’s vulnerable to hacking. Anyone can pretty much activate or inactivate your primary state-issued ID that’s required to board airplanes, required to drive and required to vote. It could also very easily be used to turn an ‘on-and-off switch’ when you have unpaid taxes.”