Texas Couple Abandons Child To Go To A Detroit Concert

Kelli Wiese
August 27, 2018 - 6:11 pm
Concert, Live Music

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SPRING (KRLD) - A Texas couple is accused of leaving their daughter home alone while they went to a Detroit concert.

Deputies say Virginia Yearnd and John Guerrero, Jr. left their child home alone in Spring, Texas for at least a day and half.

It turns out a relative called the 11-year-old girl and learned she was alone.

A deputy went to the home and found the girl trying to cook something on the stove.

He tried to call the girl’s parents and just got voicemail. The girl's mother returned his call about an hour later.

She claimed her sister was supposed to check on the little girl. However, the child told the deputy she didn't have the sister's number.

Police arrested the couple and Child Protective Services is investigating.