Is Texas Doing Enough To Insure Census Numbers Will Be Accurate?

Chris Fox
April 02, 2019 - 11:53 am

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AUSTIN (1080 KRLD) - Texas stands to lose billions of dollars in Federal funding if the upcoming census numbers are too low.

A recent report out of George Washington University estimates that even a one-percent undercount could result in $300 million in federal funding lost for Texas every year for the next ten years.

At a State Capitol press conference, State Representative Cesar Blanco spoke of how far Texas is falling behind other states in insuring the population numbers are accuate.

“California has already dedicated almost $150-million from their state budget to promote and participate in the 2020 census. Texas has spent zero” said Blanco. 

Blanco’s 'Every Texan Counts' act would create a Complete Count Commission to encourage full participation in next year’s census. “This is a proven model used in other states and it’s being recommended by the US Census Bureau.”

Ann Beeson, the chief executive officer of the Center for Public Policy Priorities says Texas has a history of being undercounted. “We have a higher number of what are considered ‘hard to count communities’. Twenty-five-percent of Texans, that’s over 6 million people live in hard to count neighborhoods where past self-response rates have been relatively low.”