Texas K9 Deputy Honored With His Own Tombstone

Chris Sommer
August 06, 2018 - 5:45 pm

Collin County Sheriff's Office


COLLIN COUNTY (KRLD) - He was loyal. He was dedicated. He was Elo.

After Elo the K9 deputy passed away earlier this year, Collin County Sheriff Jim Skinner decided to honor the German Shepherd with a headstone to mark his burial place.  Sheriff Skinner says, "We just put it up in a small oak grove overlooking the sheriff's office last week." 

Sheriff Skinner tweeted a photo of the grave marker, which reads:


BORN SEPT 26 2010  END OF WATCH MAR 27 2018


Sheriff Skinner says, "I just wanted to send that tweet out with the one word 'RESPECT.' because that's how we look at our canine partners.

Elo joined the Collin County Sheriff's Department in 2011. Earlier this year, he came down with a liver disease that led to pneumonia, and he died in March.

Skinner says the idea for Elo's headstone came from his own days as a military dog handler in the Philippines. He says, "It was the largest canine section in the world. When I arrived on the grounds, I was stunned to see the perfectly lined-up headstones of the sentry dogs and military working dogs that had served and then died, and had been buried. That thought never left me.

Now that Elo has been properly honored, Skinner says he hopes to make honoring Collin County's K9s a tradition.

The sheriff also says he is working to change A current Texas law that does not allow police handlers to adopt their canine partners after the dogs are retired. As the law stands, police dogs are classified as property and must be bid out like any other type of taxpayer-funded equipment.