Texas Kids Will Visit With Congress To Protect Medicaid

Alan Scaia
June 25, 2018 - 11:26 am
Children's Health Network

Children's Health Network


DALLAS (KRLD) - About 50 kids from across the country are going to Washington this week to meet with members of Congress about Medicaid.

Two of the kids are North Texans and another is from Austin.

12-year-old Luis Callazo, who survived cancer, will be one of the two Dallas-area kids to make the trip. 

Callazo went through treatment at Children's Medical Center in Dallas. He says his family needed Medicaid to pay for specialists and treatment. 

"The main thing I want to say is make Medicaid accessible for everyone. If people don't have enough money to pay for their bills, then they can't get the care they need," Callazo says.

House Republicans have announced a plan to balance the budget in nine years, but they'd have to make cuts to Medicare and Medicaid

Children's Health says the visits aim to show lawmakers how expensive treatments and specialists can be. Children's Health says cancer and other complex diseases make up 40 percent of Medicaid's spending on kids.