Texas Mom Sentenced To Five Years In Prison After Trying To Kill Her Son

L.P. Phillips
October 26, 2018 - 12:43 pm
Danita Tutt

Fort Worth Police


CLEBURNE (KRLD) - The Cleburne woman convicted of trying to kill her child in a Munchausen syndrome-type case has been sentenced to prison.

Danita Thetford Tutt will be going to prison for five years, followed by 10-years of probation.

A jury spent three days deliberating the punishment after it spent four days, last week, deciding guilt.

Prosecutors said Tutt was guilty of a Munchausen-type of crime against her young son. She convinced doctors to perform unnecessary surgeries and even tried to starve the boy. She had placed the child in hospice care where a nurse realized there was nothing wrong with the child.

The defense claimed Tutt was only following doctor's advice and was trying to be a good parent.