Texas Officer Lures Aggressive Dog To His Squad Car, Keeps Him Safe

Kelli Wiese
June 17, 2019 - 2:32 pm
Kilgore Pitbull

Credit: Kilgore Police Department


Update: June 18th

The photo of smiling Cujo on the Kilgore Police Facebook page received tons of attention.

The officer had to pickup the pitbull after reports of an aggressive dog.  Cujo enjoyed the officer's beef jerky.

Now, the dog formerly known as Cujo is back with his Dad. 

It turns out his real name is Chato and that he's a very loving dog. Police say he was just scared after escaping from his yard.

Now, Chato is home resting with a new "leash" on life.


A Kilgore, Texas officer's Facebook post about a dog is going viral.

Kilgore Police say they recently received a call about an aggressive pit bull.

An officer found Cujo and thought he could quickly catch him. So, he left the back door open and tried to get the dog to jump into a caged area in his squad car.

But, Cujo has other plans. He jumped in through the back door.

The officer says Cujo became aggressive so he shut the door to keep him and the dog safe. 

The dog looks like he's smiling in the picture after enjoying the air conditioning and the officer's beef jerky.

Later, an animal control officer helped get Cujo out of the car.