Texas Seven Inmate Claims Judge Was Biased

Barbara Schwarz
June 12, 2019 - 6:20 am
Old priston with it's bars locked up

Credit: txking/Getty Images


DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - One of the two surviving members of the 'Texas 7' gang has filed an appeal based on the judge at trial.

Randy Halprin, who is Jewish, is on death row.  He's one of two surviving members of the South Texas prison gang who broke out at the end of 2000 and murdered Irving police officer Aubrey Hawkins outside a sporting goods store on Christmas Eve of 2000.

Halprin's lawyers claim former Dallas County judge Vickers Cunningham was an anti-Semitic racist who commonly used bigoted slurs against African Americans, Hispanics and Jews. 

Dallas attorney and legal analyst Ed Klein does not think this argument will work as Halprin was tried by a jury, with counsel. "Had the case been tried just to Judge Cunningham and there was some concrete evidence of bias or prejudice, then maybe an appeal might have some merit."

Klein says he's known Cunningham for nearly 30 years "and I can't recall him ever using expressions that have been alleged or attributed to him by the defendant."

Cunningham lost a runoff last year for Dallas County Commissioner after he admitted to the Dallas Morning news he set up a living trust for his children if they married straight, white, Christians