Today Is Conflict Resolution Day

Susan Darwin
October 18, 2018 - 12:14 pm
Handshake, Conflict Resolution

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If you're dealing with conflict in your life, today could be the day to try and work it out. It's Conflict Resolution Day!

Conflict Resolution Day is a day that promotes peaceful solutions to resolve conflict. 

Kathy Fragnoli owns the Resolution Group in Dallas. She deals mostly with workplace conflict, which she says can often be handled with the help of human resources. She says workplace conflict can become a health issue because the stress often makes people sick.

The first step in resolving conflict is listening.

"We are often not good listeners because we are thinking of problems from our point of view and not taking into account where the other person is coming from".

As a professional mediator she says when people feel they are being heard they are more likely to work out a resolution.