Toddler Fighting For Life After Near Drowning

L.P. Phillips
June 21, 2019 - 12:00 pm
Swimming Pool

Arkadi Bojaršinov |


WAXAHATCHIE (1080 KRLD) - There is a literal life or death fight to keep a 2-year old girl alive after a near-drowning. 

2-year old Blair Brevenek got through a security fence and fell into a swimming pool in Waxahachie last week.

By the time she was pulled out of the water she was unresponsive.

Doctors managed to get her heart beating, but there is brain swelling and the girl has been on a respirator.

Her parents have been in touch with specialists who say it will take at least a month before they know whether the child will respond. But under Texas law, the hospital is required to pull the plug because there is no brain activity now.

The child's father, Darren Brevenek, says that's when Texas Right to Life got involved.

He says the hospital is on his side, but bound by law.

KRLD has contacted both Texas Right to Life and Children's Medical Center but have not heard back.

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