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Tough Abortion Laws Leading Women To Search Internet For Medicinal Abortions

July 31, 2018 - 10:26 am

By Chris Fox

DALLAS (KRLD) - A new University of Texas study shows women in states with tough abortion laws that have created an undue burden on getting to abortion clinics are turning to the internet to deal with the problem.

Dr. Abigail Aiken authored the work.

“I think that people are looking online because abortion in a clinic is incredibly difficult for people to get in this state of Texas and states that have laws like it…In the US we have the abortion pill and that’s what people are looking for online. They’re trying to find a way to get what they need despite unusually restrictive laws.”

Anti-abortion groups have fought to shudder clinics in Texas for years. Dr. Joe Pojman is the Executive Director.

“Fewer abortion providers, in our view is better. That’s fewer places where innocent human life is destroyed.” 

Pojman believes the point of studies like this is to portray medicinal abortions as safe.

“I think the goal is to take doctors out of the picture and the necessary supervision that goes with it. That’s been a goal of some in the abortion rights movement for a long-long time.”

The idea of Texas women illegally buying abortion drugs online scares Pojman.

“The thought of tens of thousands of women getting pills that they think are going to cause an abortion through the mail from out of the country perhaps is very frightening.”

It’s also illegal in Texas. State law requires clinics to perform medicinal abortions.