Trump To Rally In El Paso

Barbara Schwarz
February 06, 2019 - 8:14 pm
President Donald Trump

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EL PASO (1080 KRLD) - President Trump will hold a rally in El Paso on February 11th. This come amid negotiations to keep the government running. Another shutdown looms on February 15th.  

In his State of the Union, the president claimed that El Paso became one of the nation's safest cities as soon as the border fence there was put up in 2008, and prior to that had one of the highest rates of crime. Democratic State representative Cesar Blanco lives yards from the border fence, and disagrees. "We were a safe community prior to the constuction of the border wall and we're going to continue to be safe, with much credit due to our local law enforcement." 

He says the president did not tell the truth. "He lied, as well as we saw in his national address from the Oval Office. He lied when he visited McAllen, Texas." 

He also says the rally in El Paso is a slap in the face to their community. "El Paso was ground zero for his family separation policies. This is where migrant children have died in the custody of his administration."

In a fact check to the State of the Union, The Associated Press write El Paso has never been considered one of the nation's most dangerous cities. In fact, its murder rate was less than half the national average in 2005, the year before the start of its border fence. The city has experienced ebbs and flows in violent crime but they have largely mirrored national trends and been under national averages for decades.