Uber Says Flying Cars Getting Closer To Reality

Chris Sommer
September 25, 2018 - 6:00 pm

Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA


DALLAS (KRLD) - Uber is determined to have flying cars in the skies over Dallas by 2023.

In the company's latest update on its quest to take its services to the air, it says UberAir test flights could begin in 2020.  And just three years after that, Uber plans trials over Los Angeles, Dallas and a third, as yet undecided, international city.

Will this really happen in the next five years?  CNET Roadshow Reviews Editor Antuan Goodwin said, "The technology will probably get there.  The question is going to come with things like air-traffic control, and the legality of such a thing.  Right now, air-traffic control handles thousands of flights a day throughout the United States, but Uber's goal is to get that up to hundreds of thousands of flights.  And so, there's gonna have to be some sort of re-jiggering of how we handle air traffic."

As one of three expected trial cities for UberAir, this story could get especially interesting in Dallas.  Will our skies be filled with flying cars a decade from now?  Goodwin said, "When they start their pilot program over Dallas and over Los Angeles, there should be about 30 vehicles.  But, their plans are for thousands of flights per day.  Much like how you see your streets filled with Uber vehicles getting people to and fro, they expect that there will be hundreds of short Uber flights every day."

If you're wondering about the eventual cost of taking UberAir, Goodwin says the company hopes it can get the price down to about $2 a mile.  For example, downtown Dallas to DFW Airport might run you $40, but during rush hour, the trip by air would take only a few minutes, saving passengers significant time.  

UberAir - it's not here yet, but stay tuned.