Viral Texas Craigslist Ad Prompts A Book

Kelli Wiese
August 14, 2018 - 5:23 pm

Josh Wood


AMARILLO (KRLD) - A viral ad on Craigslist has encouraged an Amarillo man to write a book about it.

Josh Wood described his dilapidated 15 seat passenger van as a "rolling dumpster" in a hilarious ad. He and his wife have 9 kids. He says his kids threw chicken nuggets in it and even became sick in the van on road trips. Yet, it sold quickly.

Wood says, "I'm in shock over all the attention the Craigslist post received from all over the country. The emails I'm getting are stories of similar van issues of large van drivers and people who share our pain." 

Wood says he's received a bunch of emails encouraging him to write more.

"I've decided to write a book based on the Craigslist post. Now, saying that sentence out loud sounds absolutely ridiculous. But, that's what I'm going to try to do."

He says the book will be about his family and the van.

"It will be about our life. It will be about uh-ohs and oopsies and chicken nuggets and exotic, off-road adventures. Our struggles in the struggle bus," Wood says. "People ask me how long it took to write the Craiglist post. My wife and I both said maybe 30 minutes."

 He says he's going to try and get the book done in the next couple of months. You can follow his blog at