Wendy Davis Set To Make Another Run For Political Office

Barbara Schwarz
July 19, 2019 - 6:20 am
Wendy Davis



It appears Wendy Davis is set to make another run for office. 

She will attend a meeting with high-ranking congressional Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi next week in Washington, DC. Nine of the 13 Texas Democrats in the House will be in attendance. 

The former state senator from Fort Worth and gubernatorial candidate reportedly has her sights set on Congressional District 21. It extends from Austin to San Antonio but is mostly in the rural Hill Country.  

SMU political scientist Matthew Wilson says Democrats picked up a couple of seats in Texas in 2018, this one won't be as easy. "One way they would hope to do that is to recruit a candidate with a bit of celebrity cache like Wendy Davis.  Someone who's run statewide and developed a bit of a national following."

That national following came after she spoke for nearly 11 hours six years ago to filibuster a bill restricting abortion.  The filibuster was successful, but the bill was later passed during a special session.

Wilson says Republicans who held on to their seats in 2018 would have to feel good about winning again...however "if there any kind of a Democratic wave, or any kind of a strong national rebuke of president Trump, this would be the kind of district that could turn over."

The seat is held by freshman Republican Chip Roy, who won in the usually reliably Republican district by three percentage points.