Whataburger Hires Wall Street Firm To Explore Business Options

Susan Darwin
May 17, 2019 - 7:06 am



DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - Whataburger may be up for sale, as it confirms it's exploring options by hiring Wall Street firm Morgan Stanley.

After it was founded 70 years ago by two families in Corpus Christi, Texas's favorite fast food chain made its way down the generations of the Harmon Dobson family.

"You finally get down to maybe the 3rd generation, and they don't want to be the hamburger business," says KRLD business analyst David Johnson."And they know they're rich, but how rich? So they go public, maybe sell stock, maybe sell to someone else...but at some point, the family business kind of has to break up." 

Analysts predict a number of futures for Whataburger. It could make a move nationwide by issuing an IPO to raise money, or it could simply re-franchise. 

Johnson says Whataburger's brand and menu items will likely stay the same, depending on whether it gets sold and to whom. 

Whataburger currently has over 800 locations across 10 states. 670 of those are in Texas.