More Details Emerge On Wise County Child Abuse Case

Austin York
February 15, 2019 - 9:23 am
Paige Harkings and Andrew Joseph Fabila



WISE COUNTY (KRLD) - Disturbing details are emerging from Wise County after deputies rescued four children from their home earlier this week. 

An arrest affidavit shows the children's' parents were outside smoking when deputies got to their house. 

Andrew Fabila was seen with scratches on his face and deputies determined it was Paige Harkins who was responsible for them. 

When deputies went to check on the 4 children the couple said they had they found them in the home. Two were locked in separate dog cages. Each was covered in their own feces. 

Two others were wrapped in blankets on a mattress. The home had no electricity and was heated by unsafe space heaters which deputies say were dangerously close to the two children in the cages. 

The two wrapped in blankets, had not had their diapers changed in days. 

The refrigerator and pantry had been padlocked and the children appeared to be malnourished. 

The kids, who range in age from 1 to 5, are now in foster care. 

Both parents are facing multiple child endangerment charges.