Ashley Payne

Dallas County Jail

Woman Attempting To Collect On Award Payouts Implicates Herself In Robberies

March 29, 2018 - 4:26 pm

GARLAND (KRLD) - On the latest episode of criminals making bad decisions, we bring you the case of a Garland woman who was arrested Wednesday. 

Police tell KRLD's L.P. Phillips a woman by the name of Ashley Payne attempted to cash in on some crime stoppers' payouts in exchange for information on a string of burglaries. 

Authorities say Payne told them that two men currently facing murder charges in the death of a convenience store clerk were the ones responsible, so detectives brought her in to find out what she knew about the crimes.

During their interview with Payne, they discovered that she was an accomplice in the robberies and placed her under arrest. 

Chavez and Darrell Nash are currently being held in the January 20 shooting of 35-year-old Manish Panday at his store in Garland. They have now been reindicted on robbery charges, Phillips reports.

Another relative of the men, Edward Nash, was also indicted in the incidents.

Police believe they are responsible for at least 15 robberies in Garland, Mesquite and Balch Springs.