Woman Jailed After Using Child As Shield Following Attempted Bank Robbery

Austin York
July 18, 2018 - 4:24 pm

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MURPHY (KRLD) - A woman is in custody after a shocking bank robbery attempt in Collin County.

Murphy police say a woman walked into a Bank of America and pulled out a can of gas and started spilling it all over the floor. She threatened to light the place on fire if she didn't get money. 

When police got to the scene, they tried to subdue the woman outside the bank with the use of a tazer and pepper spray. That didn't work and police say she ran to a vehicle and pulled a baby from a car, using it as a shield from police. 

Police say an officer snuck up behind the woman and bear hugged her so an arrest could be made without hurting the baby.

The woman eventually surrendered, and the child was taken to Children's Medical Center to be evaluated. 

No one was injured in the attempted robbery.