World War II Soldier's Remains Finally Returned To Texas

Kelli Wiese
June 22, 2018 - 4:55 pm
Sgt. Leo Husak

Husak family

WEST (KRLD) - A 73-year-old mystery is finally solved for a family in West. 

Army Staff Sergeant Leo Husak was deployed to the combat theater in Germany with Company A's First Battalion 309th Infantry Regiment.  He was leading a patrol at around 9:30 at night near Rollesbroich, Germany. As they came around a snow bank, he was hit and died instantly.

The patrol was unable to recover his body when they came under extensive enemy fire. They came back two hours later and the body was gone. That's why he was listed as missing in action.

The War Department continued to list Husak as Missing in Action until the first part of December of 1945 when he was declared as Killed in Action during combat.

"In June, they actually found the remains of an American soldier," his brother Johnny Husak says. "There were no dog tags, no name tags. There was only a partial number of a serial number. So, they could not identify him."

Husak's remains were ultimately buried in a cemetery in the Netherlands.

"He was listed there on a cross as X1043," Husak says.

In 2005, Johnny and his brothers gave DNA samples, and on Valentine's Day of this year, Husak received a phone call to tell him the body was identified as his brother. 

"It's not a simple story. People who may have missing military personnel, don't give up, Husak says. "The armed forces are working to identify all missing personnel that they possibly can. I would encourage those people to submit DNA samples. There is hope. Don't give up hope."