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Near Record Highs Today, Another Big Drop Coming With Rain

Dan Brounoff
April 08, 2020 - 6:11 am

Up and down go the temps over the next 10 days! Also, i am watching for isolated severe storms on Saturday!


  • Near record highs today! 93/1991.
  • Predawn Thursday cold front drops temperatures.
  • Areas of drizzle tomorrow.
  • Widespread rain Saturday.
  • Easter looks dry and mild, stronger cold front by evening!

*Yest Rain: 0.00”; *Yest High: 88; Low: 65

*Today’s Averages: High: 75; Low: 53

*Record high : 93: (1930, 11); Low: 32 (1938)


*April Rain: 0.38”; Deficit: 0.25”

*2020 Rain: 16.01”; Surplus: 7.10”

*Sunrise: 7:06am; Sunset: 7:54pm

Today: Morning clouds/ afternoon sun. HOT! Near record highs! (93/1991, 1930) High: Low 90s. Wind: WSW 10-20 mph.

Tonight: Cloudy and muggy. Low: Mid 70s. Wind: NNE 10-20 mph.

Tomorrow: Cloudy, windy and cooler. High: Low 60s. Wind: NE 10-20 mph.

Friday. Mostly cloudy and pleasant. A few showers late. High: Mid to upper 60s.

Saturday: Numerous  showers and storms. Severe? High: Mid to upper 60s.

Easter Sunday: Mostly cloudy, turning colder late. High: Mid 70s.

Monday: A few sprinkles. Chilly. High: Near 50.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy, continued cool. High: Upper 50s.


After a near record high temperature today (93 degrees), colder weather is coming to north Texes tomorrow morning and especially early next week. A series of cold fronts will bring a rollercoaster ride with our temperatures over the next 7 days. 
The 1st front arrives early tomorrow morning, dropping afternoon highs a good 30゚ plus from today's forecast high.
The 2nd cold front arrives late Easter evening dropping temperatures into the mid to upper thirties by next Monday morning. 
Highs will struggle to get above 50゚on Monday and patchy frost is in the forecast for early Tuesday. A slow warm up will start by next Wednesday.
 If you have planted your vegetable gardens, you should be OK,  but please remember to use a frost cloth to protect or tender vegetation both Monday and Tuesday mornings. 
If you haven't planted your garden's, do so the weekend after next. Make sure that your soil is tilled and soft and apply some plant fertilizer to jump start the growing process.
 For the record, our average last freeze is March 12th, but we have experienced one as late as April 13th... twice! Once in 1957 when it hit 30゚ and in 1997 when it hit 32゚. I don't see a freeze occurring with this 2nd strong cold front early next week, but you may need to use a cloth both Monday and Tuesday mornings for protection.  A slow warm up will follow starting Wednesday.
Lastly,  I am keeping one eye open for strong to isolated severe storms on Saturday.  Good news is temperatures will be in the upper sixties, so the instability will be low.
Stay weather aware folks, it is April!