After Death Of Epstein, Questions About Justice Remain

David Rancken
August 12, 2019 - 1:00 pm

Jeffrey Epstein took his own life in a jail cell in New York City over the weekend. That leaves a lot of questions about justice and if the victims would ever see it. 

Jan Langbein is with Genesis Women's Shelter in Dallas. It's an issue that she sees constantly. A question of justice.

She says even if Jeffrey Epstein never faced a court room, the victims of assault are getting justice. 

She says part of the healing would have been confront their abusers in a court of law. She also says she hopes the Epstein story doesn't prevent women from reporting an assault.

There had to be some healing for those victims in the Epstein case, especially if those victims got to work with specialists that deal with trauma.

Langbein says it will never be over for the hundred victims in the Epstein case. 

Online: Genesis Women's Shelter