Austin, Texas


Best Big Cities To Live In

David Rancken
July 16, 2019 - 10:35 am

They are the best big cities to live in, and the Metroplex doesn't fare too well on this list. 

Wallet Hub looked at 62 of the biggest cities in America using more than 50 different factors, including public schools to jobs to property taxes. 

Out of those 62 cities, the best we could do in DFW is Arlington, coming around the middle at number 25. Arlington did finish 3rd for safety.

Austin finished second. Fort Worth finished overall at 30. Dallas landed in 47th place. 

Dallas's rating got weighed down because it's near the bottom of the list of people with a high school diploma and dead last for lowest percentage of people with health insurance. 

The best big city to live in is Virginia Beach, VA.