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Recording Industry Says Old School Record Albums Popular Again

David Rancken
September 09, 2019 - 8:37 am

It's something that hasn't happened in more than 30 years. And it could happen here any day. 

The Recording Industry says that old school record albums are more popular now than ever. They've been growing for the last decade.

The RIAA says vinyl sales may go past CD sales in the next few quarters.

Record sales hit $224 million in the last six months. CD's make up about $248 million. But, CD sales have been flat for months.

The Beatles are leading the renaissance, they sold more than 300,000 albums last year.

Other classic rock acts, like Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Fleetwoord Mac, Queen, and Led Zeppelin all went past 100,000.

The death of the CD isn't worldwide though. Digital Music News reports that CD's are still popular, because of the popularity of K-Pop bands in South Korea. Their fans trade CD's like baseball cards.