Credit: Kichigin/Getty Images

Report: Traffic More Congested Now Than Just Five Years Ago

David Rancken
August 22, 2019 - 10:34 am

DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - Traffic isn't getting any better around here. In fact, it's more congested now than just five years ago. 

This comes out of the new Urban Mobility Report from Texas A&M

Overall, gridlock caused big city drivers to stay behind the wheel an extra 8.8 billion hours and pay for an extra 3 billion gallons of gas. That's up 14 percent in the last five years.

Big rig drivers make up twelve percent of the cost of congestion as well.

Drivers in Dallas Fort Worth spent 67 hours stuck in traffic, that's 10 hours longer since 2012. We each wasted about 20 gallons of fuel stuck in those traffic jams. That cost about $1,160 per person.

When you add it all up, DFW traffic jams are about 11th worst in the country.

Houston has it worse in 8th place overall.

The worst gridlock is still in California, with LA and San Francisco on top of the chart.