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KRLD Difference Maker: Todd Tracy

Susy Solis
October 18, 2019 - 10:04 am

As a personal injury Todd Tracy is all too familiar with road hazards. And as he was building a new office just two blocks from Medrano Elementary school in the Medical District, he noticed kids walking to school didn't have a sidewalk to walk to school safely. 

"I noticed kids dodging cars," he said. So he decided to reach out to the city to get permits to build a half-mile long sidewalk. Trying to be a good neighbor, Tracy reached out to the principal at Medrano Elementary, Mario Mondragon. 

"I asked him,'Do you think your students go hungry after school, on the weekends and during long vacations?' And he said, 'yes.'" Tracy said. "It made me sick knowing I had the financial means to help these kids and I wasn't doing anything about it, simply because no one had reached out. So I reached out to them." 

Mondragon suggested creating a food pantry at the school so that parents and kids in need could take food home. Tracy wrote a $50,000 check. 

One of the major challenges at the school was getting parents involved. Tracy suggested a fall carnival that would bring parents and students together with the hopes of getting more parents involved. Tracy's Law Firm single-handedly sponsored the event, renting arcade games, virtual-reality stations, jump houses and food trucks to feed parents and students. 

"To be honest, this is the first time I've felt this good in decades," Tracy said. 

He's adopted the school and Mondragon says he "grateful" for his new neighbor. Tracy is also building a new, shaded playground for the children. 

"I just want to make that these kids have food in their bellies so they can learn, that they can get to school safely and that they have a safe place to play," Tracy said. 

He's this weeks KRLD Difference Maker. 

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