Dallas Fire Captain Fighting Fires And Cancer

Susy Solis
January 17, 2020 - 9:18 am

Dallas Fire Captain Cristian Hinojosa was elated to be a first-time father, but elation quickly turned to fear just weeks after his son Max was born. 

"A couple of weeks after he was born, our pediatrician called us saying we needed to get back to the hospital. Max's blood level were very erratic, his spleen was enlarged, and that began a journey that we would really not wish to repeat," Hinojosa said. "A month later, our son was diagnosed with leukemia. It was terrifying." 

Desperate for help and resources, Hinojosa found the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, or LLS. Their research had developed a chemotherapy pill that baby Max was prescribed to fight Leukemia. 

"He was on an oral chemotherapy for almost an entire year. He had a central line in his chest. He couldn't go swimming or take baths like normal kids," Hinojosa said. 

But after almost a year of treatment, Hinojosa's prayers were answered and Max is now cancer free. 

Dallas Fire Captain Cristian Hinojosa
Dallas Fire Captain Cristian Hinojosa

"He's a happy, healthy boy. He loves fire trucks, trains," he said. 

Now he's on a mission to raise money for LLS to help other families going through the same experience. Hinojosa is hoping to raise $10,000 as he participates in the Big D Climb. Thousands of participants climb Dallas' tallest building to the tune of 70 floors to raise money to fight cancer. 

Many firefighters participate with full fire gear and Hinojosa is taking it one step further, wearing his fire gear and climbing the stairs with his son Max on his back. 

"The symbolism is that we won't stop until we reach the top and find a cure," he said. "I've considered LLS to be very similar to the fire department because we are both in the business of saving lives."

To donate click here​. 

We're proud to call Cristian Hinojosa this week's KRLD Difference Maker. 

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