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Musicians Rent Out New Texas Surf Park

Tasha Stevens
September 11, 2018 - 1:46 pm

Don't have time to drive to the coast to do some surfing? A newly-opened surf park in central Texas offers waves found anywhere in the world.

BSR Surf Resort, part of BSR Cable Park near Axtell, uses technology to make the perfect wave for the average surfer and those training for competitions.

The park has caught the attention of those training for the debut of Olympic surfing in Tokyo in 2020. 

Owner Stuart Parsons, a former competitive barefoot skier, says the head of surfing for the Olympics in Japan wants to mimic the waves in Japan while they're training in central, Texas.

Waves are created by getting video, digitizing the waves and then reproducing them in a computer model.

Professional surfers are not the only ones visiting the resort. This past Sunday and Monday, Metallica guitarist and Bassist Kirk Hammett and Rob Trujillo rented out the property for a bachelor party.

Jack Burton, co-inventor of the modern day snowboard, was also in attendance.

On Sept. 22, the international “Stab High” surfing competition will be held at the park. The event will be live streamed and later broadcast on ABC Sports.