Dan Brounoff

Dan Brounoff

Dan grew up in North Dallas and developed a passion for weather when he was a kid. After hearing a story from his second grade teacher about a brush with death from a tornado and then witnessing a tornado on Royal Lane in the 1970’s, Dan knew he wanted to be a meteorologist.

After seeing that tornado in Dallas, Dan asked his father to buy him a weather radio which NEVER left his side. He brought the weather radio to school, on camping trips, on his bicycle and slept with the radio by his side. He always wanted to be prepared and to let his family know if there was severe weather coming.

Dan graduated from Texas A&M in 1999 and holds a B.S Degree in Meteorology. He has almost 20 years of on-air experience.

Dan broke into the weather industry in 1998 in Waco TX. Since then, he has worked at The Weather Channel, San Antonio and in Abilene, TX where he was Chief Meteorologist for KTAB-TV.

Dan joined CBS Radio part time six years ago, where he has been covering weather for The Texas State Network and KRLD. He was promoted to Chief Meteorologist for KRLD in September 2016.

When Dan’s NOT chasing storms or watching his two favorite sports teams the Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys, he enjoys spending time with his autistic son Logan and attending craft shows and festivals.