Mike Rogers

Mike Rogers

Mon-Fri: 5a-10a

A 21 year veteran of KRLD, Mike Rogers co-anchors the KRLD Morning News (5 – 10 a.m.) and produces his daily feature, “The Other Side of the News.” 

Born and raised in Dallas, Mike took a tape recorder to the first White Rock Marathon in 1971, interviewing runners as they crossed the finish line, and the die was cast.  Ten years later, he was at the University of Colorado in Boulder, earning a degree in Journalism.  That led to dues-paying jobs in places like Grand Junction, CO and Beaumont, TX.  Mike finally returned to Dallas in 1987, working at the now-defunct Magic 102.9 before joining KRLD.

Mike was one of KRLD’s primary reporters at the Branch Davidian standoff in 1993.  He was on the scene near Waco the day it began, the day it ended, and most of the days in between.  He’s also covered hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and various man-made disasters, including many recent Cowboy games.  Mike has also covered several political conventions across the country, most recently the Republican National Convention in Tampa in 2012.  He’s won dozens of awards for his work.

Mike and his wife Martha live in Lake Highlands and have two daughters, Maggie, 22, who just graduated from the University of Oklahoma, and 18 year old Juliet, who will soon BEGIN her studies at OU.  Mike is now thinking of just forwarding his paychecks directly to the Bursar’s office in Norman.  The entire Rogers family is currently in the process of climbing to the highest point in all 50 states. They’ve knocked off 35 so far, including Guadalupe Peak in far West Texas and most recently, North Dakota’s White Butte, which is neither white nor a butte.

A long-suffering Rangers fan, Mike is convinced that his team WILL win the World Series before he dies.  If that doesn’t happen, he’d like his ashes raked into the warning track at the Ballpark to ensure he’s there when they do.