Alternative Investment Hour

Taking a hard look at what true diversification looks like, your hosts take
you beyond the traditional stocks, bonds and CDs to look at what else is
available. Building wealth means guarding against losses, you can’t do that
using a 1980’s definition of diversification. While other shows focus on
products, the Alternative Investment Hour goes deeper examining the “Good,
the Bad and the Ugly” when it comes to investing.
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Alternative Investment Hour Episode 30

Friday, July 19th
Today Jeff and Robert talk about strategies to offset income taxes and how to convert to a Roth IRA while avoiding a large income event. Be sure to download...

Alternative Investment Hour Episode 28

Friday, June 28th
Jeff Johnson and Robert Kuhn take on the very real job of hedging against today's Market Volatility. It seems that one day the market is up, then down, then up...

Alternative Investment Hour Episode 27

Friday, June 14th
Robert and Jeff discuss the 7 principals of generating income in retirement, including diversification of income sources and all about the tax benefits. They...

alternative Investment Hour Episode 26

Friday, June 7th
Robert and Jeff review the very real challenges associated with generating income from your investments, especially as you enter retirement. Individuals are...

alternative Investment Hour Episode 25

Friday, May 31st
Jeff and Robert take on the issue of taxes, and not just income tax. If you have an IRA that is going to be taxed and you want to convert to a Roth, Jeff and...