Minute With Mitch 2019

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Minute With Mitch 2019

Mitch with Jill Schlesinger

Thursday, February 7th
Jill Schlesinger is the senior financial analyst for CBS News and her first book is now available, "The Dumb Things Smart People Do with Their Money: Thirteen...
Minute With Mitch 2019

Mitch with Dr. David Lakey, MD

Friday, February 1st
A report from the UT-Health System and UT-Health Science Center at Tyler shows no single factor can predict the mistreatment of children. Dr. David Lakey is...
Minute With Mitch 2019

Mitch with Richard Roeper

Friday, February 1st
Hollywood will be handing out Academy Awards on Sunday, February 24th. Film Critic Richard Roeper will be hosting a special event in February