North Texans Care

KRLD’s Amanda Guerra takes an in-depth look at how North Texans are helping
fellow North Texans as she spotlights the great work happening at non-profit
groups in the DFW area

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North Texans Care: Friendship Circle

Monday, May 6th
For many parents weekends are filled with activities and soccer games... but for parents who have children with disabilities, often times there can be an added...

North Texans Care: Bryan's House

Monday, April 29th
It was created to help children with AIDS and HIV... but now Bryan's House in Dallas is serving thousands of children per year, with a variety of conditions.

North Texans Care: Susan G. Komen

Monday, April 22nd
It's a name synonymous with breast cancer support, Susan G. Komen. But the group, based in Dallas, want you to know they offer a lot more than just walks and...

North Texans Care: Alley's House

Monday, April 8th
It's no secret it's difficult to be a high school student. It's even harder for pregnant teenagers. They often end up dropping out. That's where Alley's House...