Well Being DFW

Well Being DFW with Scott Sams is a weekly podcast produced in collaboration
with Texas Health.
In each episode, Scott talks with physicians on the medical staff of Texas
Health hospitals about various health care topics and what they mean for a
healthier you. With subjects ranging from heart and vascular care to
behavioral health to sports medicine, there’s something for everyone in
this informative podcast series.
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411 on Fertility

Friday, September 13th
According to the National Survey of Family Growth over a six year period, 1 in 8 couples had trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. If you are...

Joint Replacement

Friday, September 6th
According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, joint replacement surgery saw a tremendous increase starting a decade ago... a 188 percent increase...

Heads Up

Friday, August 23rd
Concussions are a serious problem in sports. In fact, the Centers for Disease control conducted an anonymous survey of high school students…. 15 percent of...

Joint Pain

Friday, August 16th
What causes joint pain? Is it the result of an injury or just something that happens when we get older? Listen to Scott Sams, host of Well Being DFW and his...

A Holistic Approach to Pain Management

Friday, July 26th
With the increase in deaths related to opioid overdose, medical professionals are reexamining their approach to treating patients with chronic pain. Listen now...