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The Car Pro Show

Confused about the car-buying process?  Worried you won’t get a fair deal? Wondering which vehicle is best for you? Then tune into the award-winning CarProUSA Radio Show every week. Check out the Radio Schedule for details about the show in your area.

Whether you are buying, selling, leasing, or figuring out what makes sense for you, award-winning hosts Jerry Reynolds and Kevin McCarthy will give you straight talk and expert answers. Jerry and Kevin will also connect you with our network of CarProUSA Certified Dealers around the country who will give you our exclusive treatment.

Ready to look for your next car? Search our Local & Live listings or connect directly with a Dallas-Fort Worth CarProUSA Certified Dealer.

About Jerry Reynolds

With over 35 years in the automotive industry, host Jerry Reynolds is a trusted source of automotive news, insider insight, and new car reviews. His mission is to educate consumers about the car buying process and provide them with the latest information, so listeners can make the best car buying decision for them.

A former high-profile Ford dealer, Jerry has the first-hand inside scoop on what really happens behind the scenes at a dealership along with tips and advice on how to handle the second biggest purchase most people make.

Reynolds was the #1 volume Ford dealer in Texas for eight straight years, the #1 Ford truck dealer in the United States for ten straight years, and for one month in 2002 – the #1 volume Ford dealer in the United States.

He left the dealership world behind him in 2006 and since then, he’s been a consumer advocate for car buyers, providing insider insight into the automotive world that you won’t find anywhere else.

About Kevin McCarthy

Long-time radio veteran Kevin McCarthy has been Jerry’s Trusty Sidekick since day one.

Kevin started in radio during his teens and has spent his entire career as a radio host on both music & talk radio. A 5-time winner of “Best Talk Show Host in Texas”, he was also a Charter Inductee into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame in 2002. (He also spent 20 years behind the mic as the Public Address announcer for the Dallas Mavericks of the NBA.) Before radio his first passion was cars and now he is every bit as passionate about educating car buyers as Jerry is.

When he’s not behind the microphone, you can find Kevin cruising around town in his Jaguar F-Type S convertible trying his best to avoid adding to his collection of speeding tickets while he’s daydreaming about his next fishing trip to Cabo San Lucas or on his way to try a new restaurant with friends